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Relieving Back Pain using Different Types of Massages

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Every single one of us has felt the painful ache from a long day of standing, sitting, or anything else. Whether it is constant aching, chronic discomfort, or muscle spasms, back pain can ruin even the easiest activities. It can also be one of the worst pain when trying to look for relief.  

Medications may offer a temporary break from your pain. However, it is not a permanent solution. It takes a professional to solve the issue. This depends on the source and the location of your pain. 

Aside from helping you manage back pain, a professional massage therapist also works to figure out the reasons behind your pain. 

Though they might not be able to permanently get rid of the pain. They can recommend methods to relieve or lower the pain. This will lead you to a healthier way of going about your day-to-day life.  

Massage therapy provides a lot of advantages to help lower and relieve your discomfort. Massages can help, regardless of the reason why you have back pain. Whether it is barefoot massage, Swedish massage, or more, here are several types of massages that can help relieve back pain. 

Prenatal Massage 

Soon-to-be moms require an excellent massage more than any person around the world. Aside from the additional mental stress, the physical tension of carrying a baby takes a toll on their body. This is particularly true when it comes to their back.  

A prenatal massage offers an entire-body relaxation while also relieving the tense muscles that have been dealing with the additional pressure of carrying a baby. According to studies, prenatal massage therapy can be advantageous for the prenatal care of a pregnant woman. The research shows that women who receive massages while pregnant can relieve joint and muscle pain, improve the health of the baby, and enhance labor results.  

Deep Tissue Therapy 

For both non-athletes and professional athletes, tightly knotted muscles and scar tissue are sometimes at the root of back pain. 

Applying a lot of the same principles and methods of a Swedish massage, this type of therapy will go deeper into your muscles that are accountable for severe and recurring back pain. Oftentimes, a professional therapist goes all the way to the bone to offer relief.  

Though this technique can be painful at times and leads to soreness the next day, it is one of the most successful techniques to relieve pain in your back and neck muscles.  

Neuromuscular Massage 

One of the most successful methods for treating back pain is neuromuscular massage therapy, also known as trigger point therapy.  

This type of therapy utilizes concentrated pressure on particular areas of your body that are causing pain and spasms. Lactic acid is released and muscles are relaxed. This enables oxygen and blood to flow through the affected spot. Clients will experience soreness right away after getting this type of massage therapy. However, they will notice a major increase in motion and reduction in pain within a day.  

This type of therapy also helps with postural support.  

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